Change your Relationships, Change your Life

When the Winds of Change blow, some people build walls, others build Windmills.

I help people Create a Life and Relationships worth living for

Hi I’m Darya,

Do you long for strong, connected, meaningful, relationships with your partner and loved ones, but are unsure of where to start? I’m here to help

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Arizona with training and consultation in Emotionally Focused Couples and Individual Therapy, as well as Certification in EMDR. My Treatment approach puts you in the drivers seat of your life by helping you advocate for and create the kind of life and relationships you really want.

Are you longing for a life worth living with relationships worth having but not sure how to get there? I can help.

Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling, pre-marital Therapy and Relationship Therapy can help you reconnect, re-ignite a spark or connect deeply for the first time.

Individual Therapy

Whether you have a specific treatment area like anxiety, depressed mood or “feeling blah,” or just know you want a more satisfying life and relationships, Individual work can help.

Sex and Intimacy

Whether you are seeking recovery for infidelity, help navigating sex around infertility or chronic health concerns, a sexless relationship with your partner, or just want to regain intimacy, passion and excitement, sex therapy offers a path forward.

Trauma Recovery/ EMDR

Trauma therapy can unburden you of the heavy weight associated with distressing incidents, bereavement, accidents, or life circumstances that were beyond your control.

Winds of Change Counseling

Change your Relationships, Change your Life

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